Summer! And the AC is running…

Did you get your air conditioner serviced before summer? If you have a system that runs all day long AND all night long, you may need to get it serviced. These systems should be cleaned & serviced “at least” annually. What happens when you don’t? They don’t work efficiently. They cost you MORE money to cool your home because they use more energy. Did you know that the number 1 energy hog in your home is the AC & Furnace? Get it serviced annually. Next up is the attic space in your home. As the hot air in the attic cools down in the evening, it finds ways into your living space. Small openings and cracks in the ceiling and walls allow it to migrate. Why? Because as hot air cools, it becomes heavy and drops. As the warm penetrates your living space, the rooms heat up and the AC kicks back on. Adding insulation to the attic is not just for the winter months, it can save you thousands in the summer too. Find and seal up the cracks and crevices in the walls and ceiling of your home, its simple to do with a bit of caulk or insulation. But, be careful if you are sealing around a light. Those electric wires can really get your attention! Dont touch them.

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Obama Misses The Mark…again

In his speech last night, Mr. Obama told small business leaders in America that he wants local banks to begin to lend them money again. Just what a small business wants, more debt! He does not get it. The average small business owner needs customers and from customers he gains profit. Profit is good! More credit and interest does not get you customers. Put consumers back to work and they will begin to buy again. Tax businesses and consumers less and watch how quickly the unemployment rate plummets and the free market reacts. He wants to introduce a “Small Business Tax Credit” but again it misses the mark, it’s just words because he knows that most of the small businesses don’t directly pay taxes anyway. The owner pays on his personal return!  A better plan is the FairTax and it must be taken seriously. If getting Americans back to work is what Obama wants, he would call for immediate action on the FairTax. Full employment is not really what I he wants, he loves the turmoil, it makes him important and give his administration power to make “changes”, but thats another topic for another day.  See ya!

Obama’s – State of the Union Address

I find it totally disgusting, the president of the United States must “retool his message – rather than the mission”, as is stated in so many articles around the Internet today. Again what we will get is another sales pitch for the Obama  agenda. Just another speech to sway a Nation toward his original agenda. Nothing has changed in what he wants or plans. Personally, I don’t like being “sold” anything. This man does not care about the will of the people of America, he wants his socialistic agenda to force a government take over of more and more of our daily life. This Nation was founded on the principles of liberty and freedom, our Constitution starts with the three most important words ever written by our founding fathers… “We The People”. It is the foundation of our country and the reason so many people come to America each day.  

Mr. Obama you are a man who does not abide by the oath of the office that you hold.  

When (if) you listen to the State of the Union address tonight, ask yourself …Is he speaking TO you or FOR you?